Dr. Nadia Al-Alawi


Nadia Al-Alawi has over 30 years of experience managing and supporting humanitarian, development, and research programs worldwide. She has the practical knowledge and experience needed to facilitate partners' success, effectiveness, and achievement of goals. Nadia’s passion for training and helping others achieve their potential is integral to her ability to facilitate learning and “aha” moments among adult learners. Arimaya’s business culture is a direct reflection of Nadia’s integrity, strong sense of fairness, and respect for all people and cultures.


Stephen Gwynne-Vaughan

Humanitarian response expert

Steve Gwynne-Vaughan is a multi-lingual veteran leader of humanitarian response and development assistance.  Over the past 20 years Steve has worked on programs worldwide in food aid, food and livelihood security, HIV/AIDS, cholera prevention, child protection, disaster risk reduction, Ebola response, refugee care and maintenance, agricultural recovery, education, health, nutrition, water supply, income generation, peace-building and conflict resolution. 



Media producer

Nicola Simmonds has over 30years experience as a producer/director, writer. Her production skills can move easily between television, radio and documentary film. For 15 years she has been producing awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns primarily in Africa and Asia. Nicola's expertise is in handling entire communications strategies, including design to production of all materials, dissemination and advocacy.



Development cooperation and self-empowerment expert

Iñaki Zabala a former EU official, has over 30 years of experience in the areas of rehabilitation and development cooperation, often dealing with crisis and trauma situations. He is passionate about personal growth and social development issues and has followed a lengthy series of trainings in personal and psychological work. At present, he is committed on a non-profit/voluntary basis to promote the self-empowerment of individuals and communities based on the values of their indigenous cultures.



Organizational development specialist

Christina Zaveri has lived and worked in Africa for over 20 years.  She has practical experience in resource mobilization and development, project management, and introducing and managing financial systems within community-based and international non-profit organizations.  



Management specialist and strategic planner

Robert Maroni is a management and leadership specialist for international humanitarian and development agencies.  For over 20 years, his strategic and innovative thinking have contributed to successful and sustainable programming supporting vulnerable populations worldwide.



Executive coach and leadership development specialist

Andrew Shea is an executive coach and leadership development specialist with a track record of success in Fortune 500 companies around the world.  He operates at a strategic level and successfully delivers a variety of business transformation initiatives by partnering with senior leaders to improve performance by harnessing the creativity and expertise of their team members.




Communications and multicultural specialist

Ros Cutler has been globally mobile for more than 25 years.  She is a multi-lingual communications professional who has developed creative multi-cultural communications and capacity building materials to increase cultural and social integration among vulnerable populations.  She focuses on enabling communications and understanding of the culturally distinct, promoting dynamic, productive recognition and exchange among professionals and families in transition and in new and challenging environments.



Research, monitoring and evaluation expert

Caroline Trigg has thirty years' experience in the field of research, monitoring and evaluation across a diverse range of thematic sectors.  Since 1993, she has led over 500 research studies and evaluations in Africa and beyond.  She takes responsibility for the design of studies, training and management of large research teams, oversight of data entry and quality control, and analysis and reporting on qualitative and quantitative research.  



Coach and personal empowerment specialist

Samantha Smallwood is an intuitive counselor and spiritual consultant with over 25 years of experience.  Through compassionate support, guidance, and healing with both individuals and groups, she supports international humanitarian and development personnel in countries around the world.  Samantha facilitates personal empowerment and a greater sense of personal awareness by accessing deeper truths and core issues, offering practical tools and suggestions to overcome personal blocks and limitations.



Expressive art therapist and trainer

Gloria Simoneaux has over 35 years experience in the field of expressive arts therapy with traumatized children and women.  Her expertise includes training local trainers to implement programs at the community level, as well as direct counseling services and bringing services and program into prisons, schools, and hospitals.


michelle anderson-Olivier

Leadership consultant and change facilitator

Michelle Anderson-Olivier is a leadership and management consultant working with U.S. based multi-national corporations and non-profit organizations. She infuses creativity into every aspect of human development to engage curiosity and promote empathy.  Her experience spans over 20 years in strategy - marketing, business, brand and culture change including facilitation, training and coaching. She is fluent in English, French and German.